I need this in my life.

I need this in my life.

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This is my life.

Daily Banter

Elderly Gentleman: The color of your hair is beautiful.

Me: Thank you.

Elderly Gentleman: Do you think in heaven we’ll all have hair like that?

Me: Yes, and it will change with our moods.

*Smiles all around*

Dear Pandora,

I totally dig the addition of Johnny Cash songs to my Eddie Vedder station. Its uber awesome.

However, please stop with the onslaught of Dave Matthews Band songs. You can’t make me a fan by sheer force. It’s just not happening.



Book Review #1-Gun Machine by Warren Ellis

This is my first attempt at a book review. I say this not to preface an apology, but more so as a reminder to the future me that this is the beginning of a practice to improve my writing skills. That being said…onwards!

Gun Machine by Warren Ellis

First, a quick rundown: On a routine call, Detective Tallow has stumbled across an apartment whose walls are covered in an ornate array of guns that have been used in a number of unsolved crimes over the past 20 years. The leads to a hunt for the most prolific serial killer in manhattan as well as the possibility of a grand scale conspiracy theory.

I am a HUGE Transmetropolitan fan, so automatically my opinions are probably tainted with bias. Warren Ellis has earned a special place in my heart as an influential individual who has shaped my person. Thank you, sir. Thank you.

I really enjoyed the book. While I didn’t finish it in a day, I devoured it’s contents quickly. There are moments where things get a bit gritty and gruesome in the details, but enjoyed those moments just the same. I don’t want to read stories that glitter and sparkle all the time. I like to see the dirt.

The flow of the story was well thought out, although my only disappointment was that the ending felt a little flat. The rest of the novel provided a lot of insight and detail from all parties and then at the end everything felt a little like a back flap synopsis.

All in all, worth the read. on a scale of 1-5, I’d say a 4.

Love them both.



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I&#8217;m so over frustration.

I’m so over frustration.

I wanted nails that says I am both a Disney villain and a motherly vampire.

I wanted nails that says I am both a Disney villain and a motherly vampire.